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I’ve recently started following Mommy Tang on YouTube. She is awesome and hilarious. She has Asian recipes on her YT. I tried this out the other day. It’s kind of a raw vegan kimchi style dish. I enjoyed it.


Lyndhurst, NJ

So the school holidays have officially started. On the weekend we took the kids to a park in Lyndhurst. 

The park has a small splash pad ($1 entry) a very large playground (with swings, slides and other fun stuff for the kids to play on) picnic tables and a kiosk. It is right next to Lyndhurst train station. There is limited parking spots right opposite the park and next to the train station.

I think we went on a Sunday at about 1pm. It was a hot day, but when we got there it wasn’t very busy. There seemed to be more people there at 3pm when we left for the day. I liked that it wasn’t very crowded actually. It was a very relaxed and family friendly atmosphere. With the splash pad, they give you a wrist band and you can enter the splash pad as many times as you like. 

There are many places to sit and eat lunch at this park too. I brought a picnic lunch and we ate it at one of the many picnic tables. We did buy the kids Italian ice as a treat from the kiosk. So water, playing and sugar, the kids were happy.

I wonder if there is any place similar here to Blaxland Riverside Park in Sydney? I really should have taken the kids to that park more often. I took it for granted. Didn’t realize how good it was while I lived there! Lol. The suburb that I live in back home is actually planning on building a mega park. I really hope they put in a splash pad type thing.


S eating her Italian Ice (it’s the same thing as sorbet, right?).

Voting in the good old Australian election…

Where every candidate is as shit as the next.

On Wednesday I had to go to the Australian consulate in NYC so that I could vote. We caught the jersey trains, the path and then the NYC subway. I didn’t go alone though. My husband took us all in. If I had to catch public transport on my own I think I would have ended up full of anxiety and curled up in the fetal position somewhere. Everything looks the sameto me. It’s like a maze.

I think this photo is at Hoboken?

This is Grand Central, maybe? I’d be a terrible tour guide, right? I’d just take you to boring places in NYC like train stations and my husbands office, haha. I do love architecture and old building though. Hence why a lot of my photos are of buildings.

This is S on the subway. Travelling like she’s been doing it all her life. She was cool, calm and collected (unlike her mother). A very lovely gentleman gave me his seat on the subway. L and I shared it. I think the gentleman could see the look of exhaustion on my face. Thankyou you beautiful, kind man! 


Going to the pedeatrician 

That’s a band aid that’s in the shape of a crayon, cute isn’t it? So my little miss had to get some shots at the pediatrician today. My husband took her. He said she was a star. Just pouted and didn’t cry at all, lol. The doctor also gave her a book to keep, which she was very happy about. 

My kids pedeatrician is so nice. She is also good at her job and very thorough. From my understanding, here in the USA you have to take your child to a pediatrician. Back in Australia you normally take them to your General Practitioner (GP) and they refer you to a pediatrician if they think the child needs it. That’s what most people do. I like the US way better. Pediatricians are experts in children. My kids pediatrician is so good with the kids. She is the best and most caring doctor I have ever taken my kids too. 
When S got home from the doctors she had a big nap. Which is becoming a rare occurrence these days. When she woke up she was happy and shouted, “me feel good!”. Haha, she’s an awesome kid. Not only does she not cry after getting 2 injections, but she isn’t phased by them and shouts to the world that she’s feeling good! Love that kid. She’s a little legend.

She’s watching Sarah & Duck at the moment, but she spent most of the morning and afternoon playing outside. Chasing bubbles, digging in the garden, going down slides, playing in the sprinkler. I love watching S play. She is very independent. We have officially started potty training today. She has been using the potty on and off for the last 2 months, but I was just waiting for a less busy time of the year to start officially training. She had one little accident today while she was trying to run to the potty. She’s done number 1’s and 2’s in the potty! Clever little girl. She’s definently ready.

Mother’s Day¬†

I’ve had a lovely Mothers Day today, mainly due to my lovely husband! This morning he organised L and S to give me a mothers day card. L wrote in the card with exceptionally good handwriting and he knows how I love nice handwriting, haha. S yelled “happy birthday mum!” because she just recently turned 2 and she thought a card meant it was my birthday, lol. My husband and L asked what I wanted for breakfast as they wanted to make it for me. I didn’t really feel hungry so I just asked for a cup of chamomile tea with some maple syrup in it. It was delicious! I also face timed with my own lovely mummy. Mark also made the kids breakfast, got them dressed and took them to church! I got to stay home and relax! He also did the weekly grocery shopping and brought me cupcakes from a vegan bakery in Rutherford! It’s called Sweet Avenue Bake Shop and their cupcakes are delicious! I’m not a vegan, but I have been making an effort to be more plant based in my diet. So getting these cupcakes was a big happy treat for me.


 look at these beauties! 

And look what Mark found at the supermarket, made in Australia Darrell Lea Liquorice! I honestly didn’t expect to find Darrell Lea lollies in the USA. A little piece of home for mothers days. Oh, and the jelly beans was just because I like jelly beans!


Some flowers from the kidlets.


I also got to spend the morning weeding the garden, which I strangely enjoy (I think it helps to reduce my stress). The kids, hubby and I also spent a lovely long time playing in the backyard. I love my kids and I’m so glad that I’m their mum.

Chocolate mud cake

Practice run for my sons birthday at the end of this month. Chocolate mud cake. It is delicious. Verdict from the future birthday boy, “Mum, this cake is more than perfect for my birthday”. Hooray!

Got the recipe from BakeLikeAPro from youtube.

Look at all the creative shit I can do now since I’m a stay at home mum. I do a lot more baking and cooking now since I’m not doing my nursing gig any more. I’m sure there are other nurses out there that can do it all. I just wasn’t one of them. On my days off all I wanted to do was conserve both my mental and physical energy for my next shift on the ward! lol.



This weekend we did plan to go to the zoo, but hubby and I were just too lazy to go! We did however wash the car, do some weeding of the garden, do some grocery shopping etc etc. you get the picture. We just didn’t feel like spending all day at the zoo and not getting any of that other stuff done, lol. What boring parents we are. 

You know which store I love here in the USA?! Marshalls! It’s bloody brilliant. You can buy designer clothes, shoes and homewares at a discounted price. I’m not sure why they are so much cheaper, but I suspect maybe it’s like out of season style clothes, maybe minor imperfections etc. DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) back home in Australia has a similar concept, but Marshalls is a million times better. I never felt like DFO was cheap enough, lol. I think as an Australian when I see how cheap the clothes are here and compare it to back home I’m like wtf?! 

I bought my daughter 2 outfits. One by US Polo ASSN and one by Roxy. I got L some brand name shirts for about $8. That shit would be so expensive back home! 



My beautiful girl turned 2 today. We spent the day at the park, playing and eating all her favorite foods.

I made her a birthday cake. It looked awesome, but the sponge cake was a bit too dense for my taste. I wanted it to be light and fluffy on the inside. Will have to try a different cake recipe next time.   

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