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Free motion quilting

This is my first attempt at free motion quilting. It’s not perfect, but doing it is really satisfying for some reason. This is suppose to be the stipple style, but it’s just gone a bit crazy. So it’s my crazy stipple. Quilting is kind of difficult on my little Brother machine. I’m currently dreaming of a machine with a wider neck.

American Museum of Natural History, New York

American Museum of Natural History

A heads up to people on a budget. The admission cost to the museum is only a “suggestion”. You can donate $10 (even if you’re in a large family group) and you will still be allowed to enter the museum. However, you won’t get entry into some of the special exhibitions. We saw the mummies, humpback wales and Dark Universe. Although they were pretty cool, you can still have a nice time at the museum without them. There is a lot to see.

Baby quilt

I’ve made another quilt top. It’s a baby quilt, made from leftover fabric I had. This time I will try some free motion quilting when I put it all together. I think that’s what it’s called. With my triangle quilt I did straight lines because it matched that quilt better.

April downunder

During April we visited Australia for a few weeks. Had easter there with the family. It was great. Melbourne, South Australia, Sydney. Three states in 3 weeks and a long haul road trip thrown in for good measure.

Good old Bondi.

Ate delicious food made by my beautiful mum.

A road trip to South Australia from Melbourne.

Victor Harbor, South Australia.

Exploring Taronga zoo.

Coogee was lovely.

Niagara Falls

We recently drove to Canada and visited Niagara falls. It was lovely. I’ve always wanted to see it. I had a lovely time with the fam.


I’ve always been interested about finding out more about my family ancestry. My parents are both from Croatia and I think that has really limited the documented records I could find. I’ve found zilch to be honest. So I decided to do an ancestry DNA test. It’s really fascinating and some aspects were slightly surprising. I suspected I would have some Italian/Greek ancestry (because of Croatias geographical proximity to Italy and Greece) , but the percentage was higher than I thought it would be. My dad is from Istria though, maybe that’s why that particular percentage is so high? He does speak Italian and makes great gnocchi, hehe.

Another page

Another quiet book page. The mouse and cheese is my favourite. Just have to mention that felt glue is awesome. The mouse eyes and ears were glued on and it seems to be pretty sturdy. So hopefully it will hold up well.

A little dress

A few months ago I started making a dress for Sophie. Life got in the way and I left it unfinished and forgotten. Well today I decided to have another go. I’m so proud of myself. I’ve never made a dress before. It’s been a long time since grade 9 Textile and Design class, lol. I now just need to hem it and add a loop and hook thingy.

I have also been working on another quiet book for a friend. 

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