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Soooo, I have a small right pleural effusion. My GP does not really know what has caused it. I’ve just spent the last week and a half in pain and slightly breathless. I have only been able to sleep sitting upright on the couch (horribly uncomfortable). I can’t sleep on my right side at all because of pain. When I try to take a deep breath there is pain. When I cough, laugh or hiccup there is pain. The other day I hiccuped and I thought I would bloody die.

Carrot cupcakes

The other day I made some carrot cupcakes for my toddler. They were a success! I got the recipe from a book called, “Cooking for baby” by Lisa Barnes. My toddler loved them. I skipped the cream cheese topping though. They don’t look as pretty without the topping, but meh. It’s the taste that counts, right?



Hand, foot and mouth disease

There was an outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease at my sons daycare. He’s at daycare only 2 days a week, but still managed to catch it. The poor little booger was so sick for about a week. He got blisters/spots on his hands, feet and mouth ( hence the very creative name for it I guesslol). The poor little guy would only eat small amounts and was just generally miserable. We took him to the doctors and he told us that there wasn’t any treatment for it. We basically had to make sure Levi stayed hydrated and let the virus run it’s course. The doc said that adults usually don’t get hand, foot and mouth because we all normally get it when we are kids. Obviously someone forgot to tell me because I of course caught it! Argh. It’s nearly been a week and I’m still recovering. It’s been the worst thing ever. No wonder my poor little man was so out of sorts. You get tingling in your hands and feet. Kinda like pins and needles. Your throat gets so sore and eating anything that isn’t ice cold makes your mouth feel like it’s on fire.

It’s great to see that Levi finally has his appetite back. He’s back to eating me out of house and home, which I love! Lol.

Combi Well Comfort

My hubby and I bought the Combi Well Comfort when my son was about 6 or 7 months old. We were going away and needed a compact, lightweight pram. It has been money well spent! It fits easily into the small boot of my Suzuki Swift. It is a great pram for out and about. It can be opened with one hand. It is so lightweight that you only need one hand to lift it. It has multiple recline positions and a large canopy. It has a small basket, but I think thats pretty typical for a lightweight stroller. I would buy it again.

Here’s a link to their website.

A village

You know, other than my husband I don’t really have much help or support when it comes to raising or looking after my son Levi. Isn’t there a saying about how it takes a village to raise a child? Well, I don’t have that village.

New layout up soon

Me again! Hubby’s finished the HTML of the site. I just need to spruce it up and upload it. Maybe in the next few days? Tme is hard to come by these days. Toddlers are hard work. So is shift work. I’m looking forward to making blogging my hobby again!

Updated wordpress

The hubster updated wordpress for me so that I can use the iPad wordpress app to update my blog. My version of wordpress hadn’t been updated since 2007! Wowee, ay? Talk about outdated!

The design of my new blog is done, just need hubby to put it into HTML for me. I use to do all that jazz myself, but I am so rusty. The whole website/HTML thing was only every a hobby for me that I kind of got obsessed with. My skillz are gone. Not that I ever had any, but I use to quite enjoy the whole HTML, php thing.

That’s part of the reason I married a geek/tech head….so that I never again have to create HTML on my own or know how to get media center to play my downloaded tv shows.

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