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Police officers

I read this article today about a police officer who had to use force to subdue an intoxicated and violent man. He’s being taken to court for excessive use of force. What a joke. In my opinion (from the information I read and the images I saw) he used an appropriate amount of force. If I was ever in danger I’d want that police man to help me. We need to support the police. It seems that if a police officer looks at someone funny these days they get taken to court. I have enormous respect for police officers, they have one of the toughest jobs out there. They deserve respect and the power to deal with trouble makers.

K Rudd swearing

Ah lol. There’s a new video out of K Rudd swearing. Just makes me like him more. Apparently the video is a few years old though. I wonder why it comes out now, ay? Maybe someone brought it out to make Kevin Rudd look bad? If you ask me it makes him more appealing to the average Australian.

Rotator cuff

I should really remember not to lift my toddler above my head so that he can pretend he’s superman. It’s the second time I’ve damaged my rotator cuff doing the same thing. You’d think I’d remember.


My goodness, I didn’t realise workplace gossip was so bad! I guess it doesn’t help that I’m part of a profession made up by mostly women, but wow! I can’t believe that people knowingly spread things that are untrue. Crazy nuts.


I just finished watching a tv show on the sbs about women in labor. They all seemed to appreciate the kisses, hugs, back rubs etc from their significant others.

I must be weird because although I wanted my husband there during the labour I didn’t want to be touched. I just escaped into myself and focused on the task at hand. I just needed to know he was there. To me that was enough support. I was happy with that. Poor hubby ay? Especially when he decided to eat a rice cracker really loudly during a contraction and I shot him a death stare. It’s like my senses went all superwoman and the sound and smell of the crackers just exploded in my head and distracted me from getting the job done. Weird, weird I know. Just thought I’d share.


We’re planning on moving to the Central Coast after March in the new year. We have decided on giving it a trial run for 6 months. We will rent out our home in Sydney while we are gone. If we don’t like it on the central coast we have the option of coming back. We will make the decision to stay or go and then I will look for a job up there. Until I find a new job I will stay at my current one. Mark is allowed to work from home which is excellent.

I’m scared about going, but if we don’t take a chance we’ll never know. We’ll always think, “what if?”. I have to stop being a fraidy cat and take a chance. I have to stop being an observer of life and start living mine to the fullest. I don’t want regrets.


Levi is nearly 18 months old and he knows so many words. It’s seems like nearly every day he is saying a new word. I can’t believe how fast he is growing up. He’s an awesome little kid.

In other news Lee has had diarrhea since Wednesday! Awesome, eh? Like I don’t get enough of that at work. I’m thinking he caught a stomach bug from daycare. He’s better today though, only 2 runny poos compared to the million runny poos on the other days (yay!). Poor bubba. Dads come down with it now too and is in a miserable state. No work for dad tomorrow and no daycare for Lee Lee. So far I seem to have dodged the stomach bug, must be my awesome hand washing skills. Hopefully I can keep it up. I might put my trusty hand sanitiser in my pocket like the fantastic germ-a-phobe I am. Can’t afford to get sick (have to at least cling to the illusion of being superwoman, right?).

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