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We’re planning on moving to the Central Coast after March in the new year. We have decided on giving it a trial run for 6 months. We will rent out our home in Sydney while we are gone. If we don’t like it on the central coast we have the option of coming back. We will make the decision to stay or go and then I will look for a job up there. Until I find a new job I will stay at my current one. Mark is allowed to work from home which is excellent.

I’m scared about going, but if we don’t take a chance we’ll never know. We’ll always think, “what if?”. I have to stop being a fraidy cat and take a chance. I have to stop being an observer of life and start living mine to the fullest. I don’t want regrets.


Levi is nearly 18 months old and he knows so many words. It’s seems like nearly every day he is saying a new word. I can’t believe how fast he is growing up. He’s an awesome little kid.

In other news Lee has had diarrhea since Wednesday! Awesome, eh? Like I don’t get enough of that at work. I’m thinking he caught a stomach bug from daycare. He’s better today though, only 2 runny poos compared to the million runny poos on the other days (yay!). Poor bubba. Dads come down with it now too and is in a miserable state. No work for dad tomorrow and no daycare for Lee Lee. So far I seem to have dodged the stomach bug, must be my awesome hand washing skills. Hopefully I can keep it up. I might put my trusty hand sanitiser in my pocket like the fantastic germ-a-phobe I am. Can’t afford to get sick (have to at least cling to the illusion of being superwoman, right?).

Fun times

Life is so tiresome lately. I have no energy to do anything. Work is shit, my house is a mess and my toddler whines and throws tantrums which seems like constantly. It’s a never ending cycle of work, house cleaning and caring for a toddler. Fun times.

Sea change

Mark and I are planning on buying a house. We bought a unit in Sydney when we got married because it was really all we could afford in the suburb we wanted. We want to have more children though, so a house would be more comfortable. I think we might move to the central coast. I’d love to live near the ocean. Am I brave enough to move though? Move away from everything and everyone I know? I am so conflicted at the moment. I’m scared of change, but this change might be good.


They have started up a playgroup at my church. Levi was a little grouch for half of it! He’s going through the whole, “I hate all strangers phase”. He would scream at anyone that approached him! I nearly died of embarrassment although I know it’s normal toddler behavior. He’s a good little kid most of the time. He’s clingy at the moment too. It’s cute in one way because I get lots of hugs and cuddles, but not so great when I have to do stuff around the house. He eventually warmed up to the playgroup when they started blowing bubbles. He loves the bubbles!

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