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Dollar tree again

Today I had to go back to the Dollar Tree to get some more of those awesome coloring in books before they disappear. I will hold on to these and give them to my sister in law when she visits.

I also picked up some more Christmas cards. It would be cheaper to buy a packet of cards than the individual ones, but they really have some nice ones.

Sophie chose the one with the white dove. My favourite is the reindeer.

I was also able to get some stocking stuffers without Sophie noticing.

I use to love this lip balm as a kid.

I’ve never actually bought anything edible from the Dollar Tree before, but you can’t really go wrong with starburst, right?

Sophie loves anything princesses.

The socks are for Sophie. Levi will love the Star Wars puzzles. The Dollar Tree actually has some great puzzles. I know fidget spinners were popular a while ago. I remember Levi asking for one .

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