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Adding a border around a quilt

A few things I learned today about adding a border around a quilt:

1. Remember to cut off you selvage, otherwise you might get a strip of fabric that looks different or a bit ragged.

Can you see the little white dots on the blue fabric to the left? Maybe you don’t notice it, but I do and it bugs me.

2. Make your border strips longer than needed and then cut them to size once they are sewn onto your quilt. My first strip of border I cut to fit the fabric before I sewed it on. Once I sewed it on I was a little short. So I figured if I made the strips a little longer than needed I wouldn’t have to worry about that and I could cut of any excess once sewn onto the quilt. It really eliminates measuring errors. I would have had a bit of room to cut of that annoying selvage from point 1.

I choose a border fabric that came from the same design line as the jelly roll.

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