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Dollar Tree halloween 👻

I know, Halloween isn’t for awhile, but I’m trying to be the prepared mum this year!

Our school doesn’t allow candy so sometimes you have to get a bit creative with treats. I’m going for the typical pencils and erasers, but this year I was able to find some cool Halloween themed bubbles at the Dollar Tree. The loot bags are pretty cute too. I might add in some animal crackers or goldfish (which are allowed). Goldfish are super salty. Not sure how they made it on the approved treat list…

I have the kids costumes all planned this year. Levi is going as Harry Potter and Sophie is going to be a bumble bee. I have most of their outfits ready. Just need a few extra things. Would like to get Sophie these cool sparkly gold boots from target to go with her outfit.

I love this skull decoration from the dollar tree. 

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