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Just spent 2 hours in the front yard weeding. My fingers are now sore and numb lol. I suspect the weeding took so long because L kept on stealing my weeding tools.

We’re having a break now. Just had some lunch and we are now watching Babar on tv. My next move is to;

* Spray Round Up on the weeds and grass on the driveway.
* Pick up all the stupid pine cones.
* Sweep up all the stupid pine needles.
* Sweep all the paths (again, grr).

The hard rubbish was taken away this morning and all our palm leaves and shrub branches that were in the front yard have been removed. Our yard is looking less bogan, hooray.

Around the house

Someone told me that when you buy a house the maintenance and upgrades are never ending. They were right!

I just wanted to start listing the things I want to do around the house.

1. Roof restoration – its a bit mouldy looking and dull.
2. Stenciled concrete driveway and path in front of the house and around the sides. I want it done in a sandstone colour. My dads a concreter so I will ask him for his help with this.
3. Get my aluminum window frames painted and off white,possibly cream colour.
4. Get rid of all the bushes in the front yard and get nice buffalo type grass.
5. Get rid of the pine tree in my front yard. It drops gigantic pine cones randomly. It’s pretty dangerous.
6. Get my garage doors changed to an off white or cream colour.
7. Paint the eaves.
8. Fix the side gate.
9. Get rid of the gigantic bush next to my house. It is a fire hazard.
10. Get rid of our collection of dead palm leaves.
11. Start my herb garden/veggie patch.
12. Clean out the garage. have done this multiple times already! Lol. It keeps on getting filled with junk!
13. Update the laundry.
14. Change the fittings in the bathroom. Change the toilet and change the doors to the cabinets to a glossy white.
15. Get a new frameless mirror that runs the whole height and length of the wall above the basin.
16. Get the bath tub re enameled.
17. Get a new toilet in the bathroom.
18. Get an exhaust fan in the bathroom.
19. Change all the internal door handles (Levi’s bedroom door handle has fallen off!)
20. Get uniform light fittings for all the bedrooms.
21. Get a new front door (one without ugly yellow glass from the 80s)
22. Get a new sliding door for the back of the house.
23. Get a skylight in the bathroom.

That’s all I can remember for now, lol.

Busy day

We had such a busy day today.

– pressure cleaned the deck
– pressure cleaned the pergola roof
– pressure cleaned the garage doors and paths
– Mowed the front yard
– Cleaned up all the annoying pine needles with the blower
– Raked all the stupid fruit things from the stupid annoying palm tree
– Dug out one bush from the front and partly dug up the ugly fern bush.
– Finished sanding nearly all of the deck
– put out crap for hard rubbish cleanup.

We bought an old house that wasn’t really well maintained. We knew we would have to do a lot of work to bring it up to a level that we were happy with. We got the water heater replaced this week too because it was leaking and giving out rusty water. Hubby also replaced the leaking front yard tap and replaced the door bell. At some stage we need to paint the eaves and pressure clean the roof. We also need to get rid of all the shrubs from the front of our house. We’re going to just put grass right up to the front path. Get rid of the dirt patch that is the flower bed. It will be way easier to maintain and look nicer. Plus, grass will keep dirt from the path. The current shrubs were planted in no particular order. One of the ferns was put out in the front garden bed in its pot and it grew through the pot! Lovely, I know.

My shutters are being installed tomorrow! Yippee, no more bed sheets on the windows, haha. So classy, ay? The bed sheets were an improvement from the ugly, dirty, smelly curtains that came with the house. So meh.

The deck

We’ve been sanding our deck for the last 2 days. We have a little bit more to go tomorrow and then we can start staining. I am so tired.

The unpacking continues…

I unpacked sooo many things today. My room is nearly complete and feels like my room again, and not like I’m camping out. I just have to hang some art work on the walls and I’m done.

The funny thing about moving to a new home is getting your furniture to fit and look right. Our old place had furniture bought to fit, whereas this place we’re trying to make our furniture fit and some of it is not fitting right and looking out of place.


The bed made for your viewing pleasure, haha. I had to make it twice because after the first time I made it Levi decided to jump on it.

Sodi bic and white vinegar

Sodi bic and white vinegar cleans everything. From ovens to bed sheets.

My hubby sweats a lot. His side of the bed gets sweat stains that do to come out with washing or soaking in napisan. I put sodi bic and vinegar in the wash with them and the sheets end up looking brand new. No more stains.

I have laminate bench tops in my kitchen (in this new place and the old). One day I find a ring of red cordial has stained my counter. If you don’t wipe cordial immediately it will stain. What I do is get some sodi bic and make it into a paste with water. I put in onto the stain and let it sit for half an hour. After half an hour I wipe clean and the stain is gone. This is a stain that I couldn’t get rid of with over the counter cleaners and hard scrubbing. Not even gumption could get rid of it people. Gumption! (Gumption is a cream cleaner, awesome stuff usually. Great for stainless steal).