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The Sunday list

  1. Sometimes people don’t understand us because of our Australian accents. Everyone thinks Marks name is Mack, haha and when I say bacon it sounds like I’m saying baking, lol.
  2. I like taking photos of interesting and cool looking buildings.
  3. Exercise and sunlight make me feel better.
  4. I was unprepared for how cold northern hemisphere winters can be.

The Sunday list

1. I love to see L smile.
2. Palm trees have spikey stems.
3. It’s easier to transfer a sleeping toddler from the car to his bed when you live in a single story house.

What a short list this week. I’m sure I’ve learned more things, but I just can’t remember!

The Sunday list

I’ve decided to start a new little ritual where every Sunday I list the things that I have learned. So here goes;

1. Toddlers will say the most embarrassing things when you’re surrounded by strangers. Like, “say poop mummy, say poop!”, while you’re waiting in line at the RTA.
2. My job has made me a stronger person and more tolerant of others.
3. There are people out there even more sensitive than me, I know, omg.
4. Karma is a fucking bitch.
5. Some dudes lose their balls to their girlfriends.
6. I thought I could be over sensitive, but I’ve lost the crown on that one.
7. Pressure hoses are awesome.
8. Mini muffins are the perfect bite size size.
9. Living in a house with a backyard is way better than a unit.
10.I will miss my awesome bathroom from my unit that hubby and I renovated.