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Loving my shutters

Today was extremely hot. Over 40 degrees. My shutters have been a life saver! They have kept the house extremely cool. I didn’t put the air con on until about 2:30-3pm. Bloody awesome.



It doesn’t look right. Do I need to bring them closer together? So annoying.

You know what would be good? If I had 2 more and I did 3 on top and 3 on the bottom.

Review of ishutters.com.au

So, I got my shutters from an Australian company called ishutters. I found the company through their website, ishutters.com.au. It seems that they are Internet based, so they have no physical store, showroom, sales people etc. I guess that that is how they keep their costs low? Their website is very professional and gives you an accurate estimate before you commit to anything or hand over any moolah. After you decide to go through with the order they organise a time to send someone to your house to check the measurements of you windows. The guy who came to measure my windows was pleasant, he hadn’t brought all the sample colours though. When they come to measure (according to their website) that is when they also double check colours. He did have 2 pieces of trim with him that we’re 2 separate white colours. One was the antique white which I was interested in, it matched the colour of my window trims perfectly so I went with that. I think I waited about 8 weeks for my shutters (it was over Christmas so this is to be expected). When the shutters were installed yesterday I was very happy with the colour, look and quality. The shutters are a solid synthetic material. I received a quote from another 2 shutter stores (with physical stores) and it would have cost me between $8-12,000 for a similar product, wtf? I paid about half that price. The shutters were installed on 5 big windows in about 3 hours. The installer came about an hour early, but that was good for me!

Overall I had a good experience with ishutters and am very happy with the shutters. I would recommend them to others. Initially I felt that I was taking a risk by buying from them as I did not know much about them, but it looks like I had nothing to worry about. However, I did discover that they do have some type of relationship with Half Price Shutters. I found this out by accident because I returned a call from ishutters only to be answered by, “hello, Half Price Shutters”, plus my credit card payment to them showed up as “half price shutters”. So, I don’t know what’s going on there. Many of the reviews for half price shutters mentioned high pressure sales people and inflated prices. With ishutters you don’t get a sales person and the price seems very competitive. My dealings with ishutters was pretty easy and simple. I think their website is excellent and it gives immediate quotes.

Update 2016- I still love them, but it will be interesting to see how they hold up with tenants. They scratch more easily than I would like. Also, a few months after I got these shutters I realised that they forgot to install the magnets on one of the shutters. So if I have the window open on a windy day, the wind pushes the shutter open. I never bothered calling the company about that. It was months later so I felt a bit embarrassed about calling up about something so minor.

My shutters

My shutters

More shutters.

More shutters.

The shutters are great for privacy and controlling how much light you let in.

The shutters are great for privacy and controlling how much light you let in.

Nearly done

The shutters are nearly installed.

I’m currently baking the base for my jelly berry slice. I was thinking I’d make 2? They are easy to make and very yummy.

I am hosting a baby shower tomorrow. Well, I guess I’m just the venue. Everyone is bringing something to share. Everyone is going to “bring a plate”. My wog mother would be mortified.

Real time shutter update, haha

Two panels are up! The installer guy just said that he has forgotten one box of panels at the warehouse. Ack! He said that he will go back and collect them after he installs everything he has in his van. Apparently they got a big shipment so their warehouse is in a bit of chaos. I hope that he can find them when he gets there!


My shutters are being installed as I type! The frames are in for the living room. The white of the shutters seems to match my Dulux antique white close enough. The shutters are a more deeper white…..best way I can describe it. Will post some photos when the installer goes back to his van.

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