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Mother’s Day¬†

I’ve had a lovely Mothers Day today, mainly due to my lovely husband! This morning he organised L and S to give me a mothers day card. L wrote in the card with exceptionally good handwriting and he knows how I love nice handwriting, haha. S yelled “happy birthday mum!” because she just recently turned 2 and she thought a card meant it was my birthday, lol. My husband and L asked what I wanted for breakfast as they wanted to make it for me. I didn’t really feel hungry so I just asked for a cup of chamomile tea with some maple syrup in it. It was delicious! I also face timed with my own lovely mummy. Mark also made the kids breakfast, got them dressed and took them to church! I got to stay home and relax! He also did the weekly grocery shopping and brought me cupcakes from a vegan bakery in Rutherford! It’s called Sweet Avenue Bake Shop and their cupcakes are delicious! I’m not a vegan, but I have been making an effort to be more plant based in my diet. So getting these cupcakes was a big happy treat for me.


 look at these beauties! 

And look what Mark found at the supermarket, made in Australia Darrell Lea Liquorice! I honestly didn’t expect to find Darrell Lea lollies in the USA. A little piece of home for mothers days. Oh, and the jelly beans was just because I like jelly beans!


Some flowers from the kidlets.


I also got to spend the morning weeding the garden, which I strangely enjoy (I think it helps to reduce my stress). The kids, hubby and I also spent a lovely long time playing in the backyard. I love my kids and I’m so glad that I’m their mum.

New car smell

Still no baby. There is 1 week and 3 days until my due date. Please don’t go overdue baby. Mum just wants to meet you. Can’t wait to hold you and smell your beautiful baby smell. It’s like a new car smell, but a million times more awesome.


Exactly 2 weeks until my due date. I think the baby might come before then. We’ll see.

I am tired of being pregnant. I’m just tired in general. Looking forward to meeting my baby though. I’m a bit stressed thinking about future sleep deprivation.

Everything is ready for babies arrival….the important bits anyway. Newborns don’t need much.

Sorry for the jumbled post. No real order to it.

Giving birth

I think I want to be on my own when I give birth. I don’t want anyone in the room with me. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. It does seem socially wrong when I write in down though. We’re suppose to want someone there right? To hold our hand? Or whatever. Didn’t really need any hand holding the first time. Didn’t want anyone to touch me actually. Was stuck in my own head the whole time.

Baby number 2

Remember how I wasn’t too sure about having a second kid? Well, I kind of changed my mind about that when L turned 3 this year. I’m currently 16 weeks along. Forgot to mention it on here. Everything is going well. No more morning sickness. The morning sickness was a bit of a pain. I never had any with L.


Missed out

I had to work afternoon shift today, but I really, really, really wanted to stay home with hubby and “L”. We hardly get to spend time all together. Mark and L went to an indoor playground! I wish I could have gone with them. Levi apparently had heaps of fun and I missed out! When I called them this afternoon L wanted to know if I could come with them tomorrow to the park. I hate missing out on his happy moments. I really do.


Good day for a mummy meltdown

Today in Sydney it is pretty hot, 30 degrees +. L and I have had a busy day doing errands in regards to the purchase of our new house. L’s behavior over the last few days has been really testing my patience. I am really emotionally drained. I kinda had a mummy meltdown episode today when L broke my very expensive sunnies. I guess I had a meltdown because I bought those sunnies when I was young and free and could afford to waste my money on expensive small items like sunnies. When he broke my sunnies I thought, “great, I can’t afford to waste my money on sunnies when I have more important things to spend my money on because I have a family to look after. Now I’ll never have a pair of cool expensive sunnies!”. I know that this sounds very superficial and materialistic. It is superficial and materialistic. It’s just that sometimes I want to be selfish and have something just for me. Not for mark, L and I. Just for me. Silly, I know.

Anyway. Here’s a photo of L having a little splash in his toddler pool at babas.


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