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Adding a border around a quilt

A few things I learned today about adding a border around a quilt:

1. Remember to cut off you selvage, otherwise you might get a strip of fabric that looks different or a bit ragged.

Can you see the little white dots on the blue fabric to the left? Maybe you don’t notice it, but I do and it bugs me.

2. Make your border strips longer than needed and then cut them to size once they are sewn onto your quilt. My first strip of border I cut to fit the fabric before I sewed it on. Once I sewed it on I was a little short. So I figured if I made the strips a little longer than needed I wouldn’t have to worry about that and I could cut of any excess once sewn onto the quilt. It really eliminates measuring errors. I would have had a bit of room to cut of that annoying selvage from point 1.

I choose a border fabric that came from the same design line as the jelly roll.

Jelly roll quilt top

Oh so fun to make! I just love it. So many pretty colours and patterns. Once you join all the individual strips into one big strip it is pretty quick to make. I’m going to add a border and maybe do a patterned back too. 

Binding a quilt

So my little lap quilt is done. I’ve learned a bit about binding. There is back to front binding and front to back binding. I did my binding back to front and used my sewing machine with a zig zag pattern to sew it on. I initially thought that looked pretty nice, but I’ll either do a plain stitch next time or do it front to back and hand sew a blind stitch (I think that’s the technical term. It’s basically a stitch which you can’t see. I usually call it the invisible stitch).

Jelly roll!

Yay! Got this jelly roll fabric by Moda today. Can’t wait to make a quilt out of it!

I also got some little extras to make my sewing easier. Some curved safety pins for basting the quilt and the quilting gloves to help grip the fabric and menuver it.

Free motion quilting, continued..

What I noticed today when free motion quilting is that the material is difficult to move with your hands. My fabric did shift a tiny bit and some puckering occurred. I’m going to invest in some quilting gloves so that I have more control of the fabric. Not being able to control the fabric also ended up in some of the stipple pattern looking a bit jagged.

Tomorrow will be binding day.

Free motion quilting

This is my first attempt at free motion quilting. It’s not perfect, but doing it is really satisfying for some reason. This is suppose to be the stipple style, but it’s just gone a bit crazy. So it’s my crazy stipple. Quilting is kind of difficult on my little Brother machine. I’m currently dreaming of a machine with a wider neck.

Baby quilt

I’ve made another quilt top. It’s a baby quilt, made from leftover fabric I had. This time I will try some free motion quilting when I put it all together. I think that’s what it’s called. With my triangle quilt I did straight lines because it matched that quilt better.

A little dress

A few months ago I started making a dress for Sophie. Life got in the way and I left it unfinished and forgotten. Well today I decided to have another go. I’m so proud of myself. I’ve never made a dress before. It’s been a long time since grade 9 Textile and Design class, lol. I now just need to hem it and add a loop and hook thingy.

I have also been working on another quiet book for a friend. 

Another quiet book

Made another quiet book, but for my friends kid. Was a lot more quicker and easier with the right tools. This is the book cover (not completed), a cloud with rainbow rain ☔️.

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