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A little dress

A few months ago I started making a dress for Sophie. Life got in the way and I left it unfinished and forgotten. Well today I decided to have another go. I’m so proud of myself. I’ve never made a dress before. It’s been a long time since grade 9 Textile and Design class, lol. I now just need to hem it and add a loop and hook thingy.

I have also been working on another quiet book for a friend. 

Another quiet book

Made another quiet book, but for my friends kid. Was a lot more quicker and easier with the right tools. This is the book cover (not completed), a cloud with rainbow rain ☔️.

Quiet book

I made my toddler this little quiet book for church. My first try. Felt is fun to work with because it is very forgiving.








The monkey is my favourite. Pinterest has some great ideas and there are some heaps cooler things you can make. I really wanted to make a little washing machine. Maybe next time. I need a few more supplies.