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Quiet book

I made my toddler this little quiet book for church. My first try. Felt is fun to work with because it is very forgiving.








The monkey is my favourite. Pinterest has some great ideas and there are some heaps cooler things you can make. I really wanted to make a little washing machine. Maybe next time. I need a few more supplies.


I love this toy. It’s little wooden birds with magnets. There are little cards that go along with it and you copy the pattern. It’s for children older than S though. I got this when L  was 3. Can you see the sticky little handprint on the wood floors?  I just cleaned it yesterday! I can’t win lol.



My lovely son turned 3 today. What a big kid! We organised a birthday party for him and he loved it! He was so tired by the end of the day.


Still not tall enough! My little toddler is over 100cms tall, bloody unbelievable! He’s going to be tall like his mumma.



My friend gave L her sons old Thomas tracks and trains. She gave them to him when we just moved in so I only manage to get to them now! Lol. Levi loves them. He didn’t want to go to bed tonight. He just wanted to play with the trains!



Most Wednesday’s L and I go and visit my mother. L has known his baba since he was born. However since he hit toddlerhood whenever he arrives somewhere (even babas house) he gets all shy and wont say hello to anyone. I usually ask him to say hi to baba and give her a hug and kiss, he usually says, “no” while he stands in the doorway refusing to come inside. I try not to force it and make a big deal about it. I don’t want to make it into a big deal. I have made it into a big deal in the past and he just got overly upset. I always feel bad for my mum, but I figure she’ll understand because she’s an adult and Levi is a toddler. Anyway, today my mum took Ls reaction personally and started crying! Yes, crying. She then said, “I hope a granddaughter will be better”.

That little episode just made me feel so demoralised as a mother. I felt like my own mother had given up on L? Her reaction has made me feel like I am doing something wrong? That something is wrong with L? Levi can be extremely difficult, stubborn and frustrating, but he is my son and I love him. I think that he is acting like a normal toddler. He’s a mix of shyness and wanting to be independent. He’s temperamental. He is not a placid kid. He’s forceful and willful. He’s also funny, sweet and kind.

My mother has always been the kind of person to cry at the drop of a hat though. I love my mother, but lately I’ve had to recognise that our relationship is not ideal. My mum makes no secret that my older brother is her “favorite”. I guess parents can have a favorite, but maybe keep that fact to themselves?

When I got pregnant my mother spent my whole pregnancy telling me that I better not expect her to look after my baby so that I can go “out”. I’m not exaggerating either. More often than not when I visited my mother when I was pregnant she would go into a lecture. I never understood that though. I was a married woman, with a university degree, a good job, a paid for car and a mortgage on a property that no one had to cosign for (because my husband and I were able to easily save an adequate deposit). I also don’t go “out”. She knows this lol. Even as a teenager I was a homebody. I would rarely go out with friends. I’m still a homebody to this day and rarely go out. I’m not sure where her train of thought has come from? Maybe it came from the fact that she had (and continues to have) two grown adult children living at home and barely contributing? There are always two sides to a story though, ay? Maybe I’m just a fucking bitch that should be nicer to her mother.

The return of Facebook and a whiney toddler

So Facebook…I have a grand total of 3 friends at the moment, haha. I’m such a popular woman!

Onto other things. We have relatives visiting at the moment. My sister in law and her family. It has been nice having them around. Levi however has decided to whine continuously for everything from the day they arrived though. It is doing my head in. He’s not usually so whiney….but doesn’t that sound like the excuse most people use? Maybe he is normally extremely whiney, but I can deal with it better when there aren’t people around to witness all the whining? I dunno..

He is one stubborn kid. He takes after me.

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