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Aveeno Eczema Therapy Hand Cream

Another review for all my sensitive skin people out there . This Aveeno Eczema Therapy hand cream is bloody brilliant! I’ve had eczema on my hands to some degree for the last 10 years. As a nurse I had to wash my hands constantly. I’ve used a lot of hand creams and moisturizers to help with the dryness, but this Aveeno cream has by far been the best. Within 2 days my hands improved. It considerably helped with the redness, dryness and itchiness. I normally scratch my hands like crazy in my sleep, but on the first night of using this cream I had no itchiness whatsoever. I bought this with my own money and will be buying it again!

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

I’ve been trying to find a cleanser that would be gentle on my super sensitive skin. Over the past few months I have bought and tried so many differnet products. Everything I tried was too harsh on my skin, but I continued using them because the cleanser I had used for many years prior (without issue) was not readily available in the USA. I did a bit of google research and decided to try the Fresh Soy Cleanser. It cost me $38 from Sephora. So no, it’s not cheap, but it has been lovely on my skin. It is truely super gentle. It has also helped with the redness on my face. I wouldn’t say drastically, but it’s definitely calming. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now. I think I will keep on buying it until I go back home and can get easy access to the QV Face cleanser.

Review of ishutters.com.au

So, I got my shutters from an Australian company called ishutters. I found the company through their website, ishutters.com.au. It seems that they are Internet based, so they have no physical store, showroom, sales people etc. I guess that that is how they keep their costs low? Their website is very professional and gives you an accurate estimate before you commit to anything or hand over any moolah. After you decide to go through with the order they organise a time to send someone to your house to check the measurements of you windows. The guy who came to measure my windows was pleasant, he hadn’t brought all the sample colours though. When they come to measure (according to their website) that is when they also double check colours. He did have 2 pieces of trim with him that we’re 2 separate white colours. One was the antique white which I was interested in, it matched the colour of my window trims perfectly so I went with that. I think I waited about 8 weeks for my shutters (it was over Christmas so this is to be expected). When the shutters were installed yesterday I was very happy with the colour, look and quality. The shutters are a solid synthetic material. I received a quote from another 2 shutter stores (with physical stores) and it would have cost me between $8-12,000 for a similar product, wtf? I paid about half that price. The shutters were installed on 5 big windows in about 3 hours. The installer came about an hour early, but that was good for me!

Overall I had a good experience with ishutters and am very happy with the shutters. I would recommend them to others. Initially I felt that I was taking a risk by buying from them as I did not know much about them, but it looks like I had nothing to worry about. However, I did discover that they do have some type of relationship with Half Price Shutters. I found this out by accident because I returned a call from ishutters only to be answered by, “hello, Half Price Shutters”, plus my credit card payment to them showed up as “half price shutters”. So, I don’t know what’s going on there. Many of the reviews for half price shutters mentioned high pressure sales people and inflated prices. With ishutters you don’t get a sales person and the price seems very competitive. My dealings with ishutters was pretty easy and simple. I think their website is excellent and it gives immediate quotes.

Update 2016- I still love them, but it will be interesting to see how they hold up with tenants. They scratch more easily than I would like. Also, a few months after I got these shutters I realised that they forgot to install the magnets on one of the shutters. So if I have the window open on a windy day, the wind pushes the shutter open. I never bothered calling the company about that. It was months later so I felt a bit embarrassed about calling up about something so minor.

My shutters

My shutters

More shutters.

More shutters.

The shutters are great for privacy and controlling how much light you let in.

The shutters are great for privacy and controlling how much light you let in.

No Bull Blinds



Yay, got my blinds for the kitchen window and sliding door installed today. They look great. We had sun screen blinds and blockout blinds installed on both windows. So we can have shading or full sun blockout.

We used an online Australian company for these roller blinds. They are called No Bull Blinds. They were awesome. They installed them in under a week of me ordering them. You order them online, they send someone out to check your measurements, and then they install them. Fast, simple, painless. Very good quality too. Oh, and fantastic price.

Everything is slowly coming together for the inside of my house. I wish it was quicker though! I hate waiting. Hate it. I want everything done now, haha. The shutters might be installed before Christmas. I really hope they are. They will look so lovely.

addit 1/5/2016; getting the shade and blockout blinds together was a great decision. Glad I did that. They have held up well. I hope they continue to hold up well with tenants. I like the fact that they are easy to clean. I would just use a clean damp microfibre cloth and wipe them down. Sometimes a tiny bit of dish soap. The block out blinds have been bloody great on hot days too. They help to keep the house cool. I’m very happy we got them. My mum is actually upset that she didn’t get the same kind. She had new blinds installed (those horizontal kind) and they always get stuck!

Erm, what reviews? QV products

I have a “Reviews” section, but I’ve only reviewed 2 things in the past year, haha. I decided like 5 seconds ago that I was going to write about QV (mainly because I was putting on my QV night cream).

My skin is super sensitive to soooo many things. QV products are the only products that my skin responds well too. I remember before my wedding my friend bought me a few hundred dollars worth of some very expensive cleanses, toners, moisturizers etc. My skin reacted badly to them. I’ve tried other expensive cleansers, moisturizers etc and my skin does not like them. My skin gets red and irritated, even itchy. At one stage I couldn’t even wash with soap because I would break out in a rash. I’ve been using QV skin products for the last 5 years and my skin has been better for it. I use QV wash, QV body lotion, QV hand cream, QV cleanser, QV exfoliator, QV day moisturiser with sunscreen, and QV night cream moisturiser. They have a specific “face” range, which is wonderful. I almost cried the first time I discovered it. I hope they never go out of business. The only thing with the QV face range is that not all pharmacy’s seem to stock the products. Most pharmacy’s I’ve been to stock QV wash and body moisturiser.

So yeah. To sum up. QV is great for sensitive skin.


The other day I bought 4 pieces of replica furniture from replicafurniture.com.au. I have to say that it was a very pleasant experience. I bought the furniture online on Sunday night and it arrived on Wednesday. So quick! Their website is nicely designed and easy to use. They have a good selection of furniture at good prices (better than all the other sites that sell the same kind of thing). Their delivery fee is also very reasonable. A Sydney based store that I was looking at was going to charge me more in delivery! The furniture arrived very well packaged. My initial impression of the furniture is that it is well made and of good quality. Time will only tell if my initial impression was right. The replica eames lounge chair is very comfy and the leather seems of high quality. Overall I am extremely happy with my purchases and would recommend replicafurniture.com.au to other people.





Combi Well Comfort

My hubby and I bought the Combi Well Comfort when my son was about 6 or 7 months old. We were going away and needed a compact, lightweight pram. It has been money well spent! It fits easily into the small boot of my Suzuki Swift. It is a great pram for out and about. It can be opened with one hand. It is so lightweight that you only need one hand to lift it. It has multiple recline positions and a large canopy. It has a small basket, but I think thats pretty typical for a lightweight stroller. I would buy it again.

Here’s a link to their website.