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I love Christmas

Just some random pics from Christmas time. I have to say that I love Christmas in the USA. Obviously I miss the rest of the fam, but Christmas with just the four of us hasn’t been that bad. It’s been good actually. I think it’s really made us bond and become closer as a family.

Dollar tree again

Today I had to go back to the Dollar Tree to get some more of those awesome coloring in books before they disappear. I will hold on to these and give them to my sister in law when she visits.

I also picked up some more Christmas cards. It would be cheaper to buy a packet of cards than the individual ones, but they really have some nice ones.

Sophie chose the one with the white dove. My favourite is the reindeer.

I was also able to get some stocking stuffers without Sophie noticing.

I use to love this lip balm as a kid.

I’ve never actually bought anything edible from the Dollar Tree before, but you can’t really go wrong with starburst, right?

Sophie loves anything princesses.

The socks are for Sophie. Levi will love the Star Wars puzzles. The Dollar Tree actually has some great puzzles. I know fidget spinners were popular a while ago. I remember Levi asking for one .

Dollar Tree

Today Sophie and I went to the Dollar Tree to buy her some more sketch pads. We ended up leaving the Dollar Tree with sketch pads and a few other things (has anyone ever left the dollar tree with just one thing?).

Recently on YouTube I have seen people hauling some really nice looking adult coloring in books. My local Dollar Tree normally have coloring in books, but they are pretty average in the quality department. Today I found the good quality ones. Have a look, they are beauties;







Aren’t they so pretty? They have prices printed on them. I guess they were once being sold for more than a dollar at other stores. I have spent over $10 for a coloring in book of the same quality. So I’m really happy I found these. Had to share my little awesome find.

A little plushie

Isn’t it cute? Made it today for Sophie. Found the free pattern on Pinterest, but am going to link to the direct website which is here.

Oh and I’m pretty sure I sewed part of the body on incorrectly. So this little plushie is shaped like a round ball lol, but it still looks fine.

Croatian Christmas 🎄 cookies

This is my first attempt at making these little Croatian Crescent cookies. Every Christmas my lovely auntie (teta) makes these. I love them. They’re delicious. They are made with ground walnuts and also have a lovely vanilla taste to them. You can store them for a few weeks and they’re great with tea or coffee ☕️ ❤️

Cheddar drop biscuits 

Biscuits in Australia are the equivalent to cookies 🍪 in the USA. American biscuits (to me) are like the Australian equivalent of scones. My friend recommended this Martha Stewart recipe for drop busicuits (so not cut out into circles). They were tasty (my toddler loved them) and I will be making them again. I didn’t have any chives though, so I put in some Italian seasoning instead. Mine probably don’t taste anything like the intended recipe, lol, but are still nice.

Palacinke aka crepes

Palacinke is croatian for crepes. If you grew up with Croatian parents you would have enjoyed crepes on a regular basis. My mum would fill them with either jam or ricotta cheese. I always enjoyed them. I’ve found that since we moved to the USA and I don’t have convenient access to my mums cooking,  hehe, I crave food from my childhood. So I’ve regularly been making simple things like palacinke, kifle and fritule. They just remind me of home and bring out good memories.

I make mine like this:

– 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour

– 1 egg

– pinch of salt

– 1 cup water

– 1 cup milk.

I will add extra milk if needed. The batter is runny. It’s not suppose to be as thick as American style fluffy pancake batter.

I’ve recently gotten a Lodge cast iron skillet just for making crepes, lol. Learning to cook on a cast iron pan takes a bit of trial and error. My first attempt resulted in crepes stuck to the pan. My second attempt resulted in crepes sliding of the pan easily.  My third attempt was the best, but alas I lack visual proof, lol. My third attempt at crepes on the cast iron were more golden brown on the whole crepe. They are a bit pale on the above photos. I’ve given up on non stick pans. They never last very long. Cast iron is suppose to last forever. It needs to be looked after in a certain way though so that it doesn’t rust and remains non stick. 

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